INGRID is a young adult fantasy novel by Lynnette Kraft, with illustrations by Abigail Kraft, and a book soundtrack composed by Jared Kraft. We are a family of creative people, and we dream big. We started New Wrinkle Publishing so we could bridge the storytelling gap between books and movies by adding illustrations and a soundtrack to each novel we publish.

Lynnette is currently in the process of adapting the story of Ingrid into a screenplay for animation, new music concepts for an animated film adaption are in the works for Jared, and I (Abigail) am in the beginning stages of visual development explorations. Please, visit the links below to see our progress in development.





*Film rights are currently available.

Please direct all inquiries to Lynnette Kraft (author/co-founder), Jared Kraft (composer/co-founder) or Abigail Kraft (illustrator/co-founder) at New Wrinkle Publishing:

Phone: 316-393-6305
Address: 1444 Henley Pkwy, Patterson, CA 95363